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A Tribute by Wupar
A Tribute
As far back as I can remember, almost all of my cherished childhood games would contain the name "Satoru Iwata" in the credits, whether as a programmer, executive producer, or simply special thanks. I never knew much about him as a kid, except that he must be a pretty important guy. Later on, he would begin appearing at E3 conferences and in Nintendo Directs, where he would demonstrate what a happy, quirky, and fun-loving soul he was. It was clear that there was no better-suited president for Nintendo, the company known for its long history of memorable and joyful games, than this man. It's thanks to him that millions of other people and I have gotten to enjoy so many wonderful games that only Nintendo could produce. Satoru Iwata has been taken from this world far before his time, but not once did he ever let his suffering show. We may have lost a very special, brilliant, and passionate man, whose hard work has brought smiles to countless people the world over, but he shall never be forgotten. Thank you so much, Mr. Iwata, for making my childhood, and by extension my whole life up to this point, what it is today.
Thank you! by Wupar
Thank you!
Several people wished me a happy birthday yesterday. Rather than just thank them back with words, I felt like drawing a pair of birthday axolotls and uploading something here for the first time in over a year.

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Happy Birthday
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